About Us

We are a busy family of 5 who loves to spend time with each other. You will often find us outside playing some sort of sports, painting our front walk or riding scooters. We enjoy being surrounded by our extended family and friends and we are super excited to be starting our “baseball stadium tour” this summer. Of course we will be sure to have our BuddyBagz along for the fun. We created BuddyBagz to solve a problem and make our lives a little bit easier and with that idea came a great opportunity for us to collaborate as a family and come up with so many other ways our Bagz can be used. As the company grows our goal is to fill pediatric care units and family shelters with “Brave” BuddyBagz with the hopes that we can give back a tiny piece to these remarkable children.

Sweet Dreams from our family to yours…
Carly, Mike, Taylor, Keira and AJ